Top 6 Areas That Need To Be Cleaned In An Office

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Have you ever considered how much cleaning is required to maintain your workspace clean and tidy? We’ll look at the different areas and rooms that are routinely cleaned in an office.

1. Open Plan Office Spaces

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The open plan office space is the focal point of a large office. It is used for collaborative work and can quickly become very dirty. Cleaning this area includes vacuuming the carpet, dusting the furniture and emptying the garbage cans. Cleaners should also check the floor or other surfaces for any spills, stains, or markings.

2. Management and Administration Offices

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The management offices are where company executives work. These rooms must always be kept clean and tidy. Cleaners should ensure that dust does not accumulate on furniture, equipment or surfaces. They should clean any drawers or shelves in the workplace to ensure there is no dirt in them.

3. Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

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The boardroom and conference rooms are essential office areas. Cleaners should ensure that the seats are clean, the tables are wiped, and the glasses and mugs are washed thoroughly. Since these areas are often used for meetings with clients, it is important to establish a good first impression with a clean, well-organized place.

4. Work/Desk Space

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Each employee’s own workstation is located at their desk. In these areas, cleaning includes wiping down the keyboard, cleaning the screen, and removing any dirt. Cleaners should ensure that drawers are clean and equipment is free of any dirt or dust. They should also empty bins and clean the flooring near the desk.

5. Lobbies, Stairways and Lifts

Office Reception and Elevators

The welcome area is the initial point of contact for workplace visitors. The cleaners should ensure that the front desk and reception area are clean and tidy. Staircases and elevators should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them safe and sanitary.

6. Restrooms and Kitchens

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Workplace restrooms and kitchen areas are used daily by employees, staff, and visitors, thus they should be maintained clean to ensure good workplace hygiene. Cleaners should clean toilet cubicles on a regular basis, as well as wipe down surfaces and vacuum and mop the floors.  

Maintaining and Keeping Your Office Clean

In conclusion, working in a clean and well-organized atmosphere is essential for a productive workplace. By identifying the areas that require cleaning, you can keep your workplace in an outstanding condition. So, hire expert cleaners that will take care of your office cleaning needs and make your workplace a pleasant environment for your employees.

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